2 Incredible World War II Warbirds You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Owning a part of history is an opportunity that does not present itself often. World War II had a massive impact around the globe, from manufacturing technology to international relations and politics. Huge technological advancements in military and manufacturing happened throughout the war as all countries involved were consistently trying to be the best of the best.

Aviation was no exception to his massive growth in technology. Aerodynamics, engine power, weaponry, radio systems, and more had all greatly improved for warbirds during WWII. These advancements would make for legendary dogfights and groundbreaking speeds and altitude limits.

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Continue reading to discover three incredible WWII warbirds that you can own today.

1943 Submarine Spitfire IX

Built for the Royal Air Force, MH603 (The Spitfire) rolled off the Vickers-Armstrong production line in Castle Bromwich during the spring of 1943 and was delivered to the 39th Maintenance Unit on October 15th of the same year. She then passed onto 405 RSU (Repair and Salvage Unit) at Croydon on 25 October 1943.

The Spitfire commenced Operational Service with the 331st Norwegian Squadron on January 3rd, 1944, and served operationally coded FN*B (as she is marked today). This Spitfire was respectively flown by Capt. Bjorn Bjornstad. Next, she gets transferred to the 274th Squadron coded as “JJ*K” in June of 1944 where she was flown by Warr Off O.S.G Baker.

The Spitfire is noted as going to Fighter Leader’s School, FLS Millfield on 21 August 1944 and then to the Central Fighter Establishment (CFE) Tangmere on 1 June 1945. Following its operational service, the aircraft passed through several training and maintenance units throughout the war.

1944 North American XP-82 “Twin-Mustang”

These experimental warbirds are truly incredible. Designed with two parallel cockpits connected by one long wing, this dual-propellor warbird allowed for further distance flown, greater power, and even more weaponry.

One XP-82 warbird was powered by two Packard-built Rolls-Royce V-1650 Merlin engines. In this particular XP-82, the left engine is powered by a V-1650-25 and the right engine is powered by a V-1650-23.

Although this never made it to the final production line, the original prototype was fitted with a removable centerline gun pod housing eight additional .50 caliber M3 Brownings. The outer wings were reinforced so the XP-82 would be able to carry either additional fuel or ordinance of up to 1000 pounds.

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