A True Vintage Aircraft Rarity – Only One of Five Known to Fly in The WorldThe 1938 Ryan SCW-145 is known to be one of the five aircraft models to have ever flown. This particular example flew with the US Army Air Force on Liaison duties during World War II designated an L10.

While based with ATC at Morrison Field and Lantana with the CAP, it became the subject matter of popular cartoonist and CAP pilot, Zack Mosley. Best known for his syndicated aviation cartoon strip ‘The Adventures of Smilin’ Jack’, Mosley’s art described life in the CAP and helped in its recruiting drive.

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The Current State of the Aircraft

Powered by a Warner Super Scarab 7-cylinder radial engine overhauled by R.A. Hulme at Aero Classics, it won 3rd prize in 2016 at the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours D’elegance at the Goodwood Revival.

Following flying displays at La Ferte Alais and Compiegne in France, it was on display at the Shuttleworth Collection, in the UK. Following the 2017 Goodwood revival, it was shipped back to Australia, where it has followed the vintage aircraft fly-in circuit since.

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