Aircraft Brokers Will Ensure Purchasing & Selling an Aircraft is Smooth Flying

Don’t go about buying or selling an airplane by yourself. It is not a simple task and may be difficult. This is the time when you require a qualified airplane broker to be on your side by making sure you receive the greatest offer.

Guidance, suggestions, and industry knowledge are just a few things an aircraft broker may provide. These qualities help the individual meet their aeronautical needs while also speeding up the procedure.

When looking to buy or sell an airplane, there are a few factors to take into account that, if handled independently, will make the entire process quite frustrating. Read on to discover the benefits of working with an aircraft broker. You can also reach us at [phone] or through our Contact Page.

Save Yourself from Frustration

Successfully completing an aircraft sale or acquisition takes a long time. It can be quite time-consuming to organize aircraft demos, assess new clients, follow up on leads, and perform accurate research.

We spend all of our time and effort working on such duties for you as aviation brokers. Why not leave it to the specialists when life is already so hectic? Not to mention, we make sure nobody is undervaluing you or asking for too much.

If you’re seeking to sell your aircraft, we’ll make sure you receive a fair price for it and handle all the duties involved in doing so. We’ll make sure everything is in top form if you’re seeking to buy an aircraft.

What We Take Care of For You


This step is important. We arrange for your aircraft to be professionally photographed. A well-presented aircraft is more likely to gain traction. We also provide recent “sales comps” and asking price recommendations. Further, we develop a specification sheet and sales brochure, then discuss sales procedures.


We will advertise on our website, in print, and on digital media whilst reaching out to prospective buyers. The aircraft is placed on multiple listing services, and shown to potential buyers, all while keeping you well-informed throughout the process.


We qualify prospects, submit offers to you and provide input, prepare the offer letter response, prepare the purchase agreement, make recommendations to you, coordinate with the title company regarding the deposit, and consult with legal counsel as needed.


We arrange the pre-purchase inspection, monitor the inspection process, review the inspection report and make recommendations, handle the resolution of inspection issues with the buyer, and coordinate aircraft acceptance documentation.


We prepare a closing checklist and necessary documentation, assist with the International Registry, provide FAA title documents, coordinate the closing process with all parties, advise closing issues, and coordinate aircraft delivery and acceptance documentation.