Explained – The Process of Selling Your Aircraft Through an Aviation Broker

Aircraft brokers are essential resources for getting the best deal possible when it comes to selling your aircraft. People underestimate exactly how many steps there are to get from start to finish. From advertising to the pre-purchase inspection, to contracts and arrangements for closing in a tax-favorable locale, we do it all.

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Continue reading to learn the process an aircraft broker will go through while selling your aircraft.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

This step is important. We arrange for your aircraft to be professionally photographed. A well-presented aircraft is more likely to gain traction. We also provide recent “sales comps” and asking price recommendations. Further, we develop a specification sheet and sales brochure, then discuss sales procedures.

The Marketing Campaign Begins

We will advertise on our website, in print, and on digital media whilst reaching out to prospective buyers. The aircraft is placed on multiple listing services, and shown to potential buyers, all while keeping you well-informed throughout the process.

Coordinate Evaluations & Offers

We qualify prospects, submit offers to you and provide input, prepare the offer letter response, prepare the purchase agreement, make recommendations to you, coordinate with the title company regarding the deposit, and consult with legal counsel as needed.

The Escrow Process

All our transactions are handled through a reputable title company that provides an independent third-party service to monitor the sales process, hold the deposit, certified title searches, review all contracts, and handle all the FAA paperwork.

A Pre-Purpose Inspection

We arrange the pre-purchase inspection, monitor the inspection process, review the inspection report and make recommendations, handle the resolution of inspection issues with the buyer, and coordinate aircraft acceptance documentation.

Selling & Delivery

We prepare a closing checklist and necessary documentation, assist with the International Registry, provide the necessary FAA title documents, coordinate the closing process with all parties, provide advice on closing issues, and coordinate aircraft delivery and acceptance documentation.

Manage International Sales

In the case of international transactions, we coordinate every step in the process as well. This includes arranging for a customs broker, coordinating the de-registration process, managing containerization and shipping, and assisting with import/export requirements.

Selling Your Aircraft Simplified Through an Aircraft Broker

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Leveraging decades of aircraft sales and brokerage experience and an unrivaled record of success, we will expose your aircraft to multiple highly qualified buyers to ensure that you get an offer that meets your expectations.