From Vietnam War Helicopter to Movie Star – The Bell UH-1H Huey Can Be Yours

The Bell UH-1H, better known as a “Huey,” is a manufactured helicopter that was used for many duties throughout the Vietnam war. It was commonly used for training purposes, search and rescue, communications jamming, and airborne radar-assisted surveillance.

Flown by MO1 Donald C. Glauthier for the 119th Assault Helicopter Company which was a part of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion, this Huey has been confirmed to see combat. On August 1st,1966, Glauthier’s Huey underwent fire from enemy personnel whilst transporting external loads from Camp Holloway (Central Vietnam). Luckily, MO1 Glauthier and his Huey came out on top and survived the ordeal.

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The 119th Assault Helicopter Company

From September 1962 to November 1970, the 199th Assault Helicopter Company flew for the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion in Central Vietnam. Using their own unique nicknames for radio callsigns, they went by “Alligator,” or just “Gator” for short.

The UH-1H was the far superior helicopter by 1969, as all UH-1D Hueys and below were upgraded to 1H operating status. These helicopters would often fly in the high density-altitudes and received a much-needed powerful engine buff.

The 119th Assault Helicopter Company served in Vietnam for over eight years. During that time they provided helicopter support for the 4th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, 1st Calvary Division, 173rd Airborne Brigade, US Marines, and the US Army Special Forces.

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From Vietnam Machine to Movie Star

This Huey has been fully restored back to its original condition and has been in many airshows and movies. Being rebuilt by Northwest Helicopters INC., the UH-1D certainly did gain popularity.

If you’re an avid movie buff, you would have been able to see this particular helicopter in the movies X-Men, Only the Brave, and Kong: Skull Island. Having been taken so well care of, this UH-1D Huey is still certainly up to any task.

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