1951 North American T-28A

s/n 51-7580 N145DK

Converted to R-1820-86B engine (1,425 hp)



3515.6 hrs. TTSN

62.9 Hrs. Since Restoration


Wright R-1820-86B

62.9 Hrs. SMOH by Airmotive Inc.


Hamilton Standard 43D50-321

62.9 Hrs. SPOH

Prop A.D. Due 1/2023


Restored to stock military configuration - Excellent Condition


Painted in U.S. Navy Centennial Markings 

Painted in Jetglo (2016)


Comm: King KTR905


Transponder: King KPX-755

ACK Blind Encoder

P.S. Engineering PMA 7000-M-S


Annual / Condition Inspection:

Completed 1/2021


Hooker 4-Point Harnesses

Engine Pre Oiler System

Engine Chip Detector System

New Optima Battery (34M)

Darton Aviation Clean Kit

Engine and Cockpit Fire Supression Kit

Wheels and Brakes upgraded to Parker - Hannifin 179-123 Kit

New Goodyear 24x7.7 16 Ply Tires

Aircraft subjected to extensive IRAN inspection between 2014- 2016. All control surfaces removed, cleaned, inspected and reinstalled using new hardware. 

Removed both original main wheel and brake assemblies and installed Cleveland Wheel and Brake kit 199-123. Removed rudder, vertical fin, both elevators and both horizontal stabilizers. Reinstalled all with new attach bolts per T.O. 1 T-28A-4 parts manual. Left and right aileron removed, hinge bearings replaced, both ailerons reinstalled with new attach bolts per T. 0. 1 T- 28A-4 parts manual. Aircraft battery replaced with 2 Optima 34M batteries. 

Located: Florida

Stressed Man
Stressed Man

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