Robertson Sky Skeeter / Lockheed Air Trooper

s/n 1 N100GR



129.5 hrs TTSN

45 hrs since restoration


Continental O-200

45 hrs SMOH by Mattituck Services, Mattituck, NY. 


Semsinich Wood Prop Model# W72 GK449

9 hrs since new

Restoration by Sorrell Brothers - 2005

Original Lycoming 0-145 engine replaced with TMX-O-200 Continental.

Installed Sliding Canopy at Restoration

This aircraft is actually a Robertson Sky Skeeter.  After WWII, George Robertson, worked for famed aircraft designer/builder John Thorp.  Thorp had designed the Lockheed Model 33 Little Dipper also known as the Air Trooper in 1944.  Only one example was built and flown before the program was cancelled. 

After WWII, Thorp designed the Thorp T-211 Sky Skooter and allowed his employee George Robertson to manufacture extra parts and convert a T-211 back into a single seat aircraft to replicate the original Lockheed Air Trooper. 

Stressed Man
Stressed Man

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