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s/n 4318 Reg: NC15233

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1935 WACO CUC-1

Oshkosh Award Winner

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The WACO CUC was a custom built airplane manufactured to the tastes and dictates of the customer. It was a full figured and rather curvaceous machine, perhaps the “Granddame” of the “custom cabin” lineup for the 1935 season.

The CUC was a cabin biplane with seating arranged for 4 or 5. As powered with the 7 cylinder Wright R-760-E radial engine the CUC gave good account of itself with a performance that was rather outstanding and often led to owner boasting. With the introduction of the R-760-E1 engine with 35 more hp, several owners swapped. The designation for this version was the CUC-1. Flight characteristics of the CUC were pleasant, reliability was a taken-for-granted feature, and pride of ownership was just something that developed by association. Type certificate number was issued 6/25/35 and some 30 or more examples were manufactured by the WACO Aircraft Co. at Troy, Ohio.

The roster of CUC owners were generally wealthy and a cross-section of the biggest names in business and the aircraft was considered the “Lear Jet” of it’s day. Afforded the best of care and usually pampered, the various CUC’s were certainly worth more than a casual glance and were usually surrounded by a ring of admirers wherever they went.

In its early days this ship flew regularly flew from Sarasota Springs, New York to Havana, Cuba. As restored by it’s previous owner the interior is plush leather. The back seat folds out flat into a bed and with screens for the windows it makes a great camper!

This is one of two Waco CUC-1’s in flying condition. The museum’s CUC-1 is an Oshkosh winner and has been featured in calendars and has had movie “cameo” appearances.

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