s/n 44-63865 Reg: N151TF // Sold

s/n 44-63865 Reg: N151TF

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1944 North American TF-51 “Mustang”

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Restoration / TF Conversion Summary:

  • All airframe components were completely remanufactured by Square One Aviation (SQ1)
  • The engine mount, wings, tail cone, vertical fin, stabilizer and all control surfaces were completely opened or disassembled for inspection
  • All parts were inspected, overhauled or replaced, prepped, primed and finish painted before final assembly
  • The rear seat controls are complete, including primer, starter, mixture, prop, throttle, rudder, brakes, landing gear handle plus a full instrument panel including a Garmin GNC 250XL GPS-COM

Other SQ1 Work:

  • Fresh air outlets to both cockpits
  • Rear cockpit heater system
  • Inspection panels under the rear cockpit scuff plates
  • Metal trim tabs on all controls
  • Coolant and oil door position indicators
  • Coolant pressure indicator
  • Modern style fuel selector valve
  • Auxiliary fuel in the left wing – 41 US Gallons
  • Baggage locker with tie-down cleats in the right wing
  • Engine and oil tank electric pre-heaters
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing (instead of stock aluminum hydraulic tubing)
  • Auxiliary hydraulic pump
  • Warning lights for generator, inverter, oil pressure, fuel pressure
  • Four-light indicators for the landing gear position
  • Wing surfaces profiled and block sanded for true laminar air flow


  • New longerons installed
  • New skins installed
  • Baggage Door – left side of fuselage

Engine Mount:

  • Fully disassembled, inspected and overhauled by SQ1 using new longeron beams


  • Inspected and overhauled by SQ1, wing surfaces have been profiled and block sanded for true laminar air flow
  • Wing Stress Doors: Inspected and overhauled by SQ1, new flush hardware installed
  • Right Wing Baggage Locker: Aluminum lined baggage locker with baggage hold down cleats installed in the right wing
  • Left Wing Auxiliary fuel: New 41 gallon auxiliary fuel tank in the left wing gun/ammo bay

Tail Cone:

  • Fully disassembled, inspected and overhauled by SQ1 using new formers and skins

Control Surfaces:

  • All rebuilt


  • Headsets: Wired for 9 vdc power for ANR noise reduction headsets in both cockpits
  • New Instrument and breaker panels in both cockpits
  • New floor boards with polished scuff plates
  • New placards
  • New lighting in both cockpits
  • Heating and Ventilation: SQ1 Fresh Air System front and rear plus two controlled heater outlets in the rear cockpit
  • Oxygen System: New front and rear, the oxygen bottle was hydro-tested in 09/2021
  • Martin radiator
  • P-63 Wheels and Brakes


P-51D 44-63865 was delivered to the USAAF on December 8, 1944 and left the US for England on February 27, 1945.

44-63865 joined the 9th Air Force and received squadron codes.

It was then operated by the Royal Swedish Air Force as Fv26018, and then became GN90 with the Nicaraguan Air Force.

In 1963 it was purchased by Will Martin and was put on the US civil register as N6163U. The aircraft was purchased in 1968 by Jack Kistler who had the registration changed to N51JK.

In 1998 it was sold and put into restoration and conversion to TF-51. Restoration was completed in 2006 and the Mustang was painted in 9th Air Force, 31st Fighter Group, 308th Fighter Squadron.

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