Bu. Num. 127002 Reg: F-AZHK // $750,000

Bu. Num. 127002 Reg: F-AZHK

1950 Douglas AD-4N Skyraider

Aircraft FAQ


  • 4080 TTS NEW
  • 178 Hrs since restoration


  • Wright R3350 26WD
  • 178 Hrs SMOH by Anderson Airmotive


  • Aero Products model A642G
  • 24 Hrs SMOH


  • Allied Signal KTR 9100 VHF
  • Allied Signal TRA61A Transponder
  • New Trig 91 VHF
  • New Trig TT21 Xpdr
  • Dynon Avionics Efis D10A
  • Garmin 296 GPS


  • New paint in 2021 with complete sanding, double protection of all the sheets against corrosion (strontium) and all the sheet joints redone (PR)
  • New decoration 1st SOS (Special Operations Squadron), 56th Special Operations wings


  • Military stock, all engine and gauges new or overhauled


  • Carburator overhauled in 2010 by Aero Accessories, San Antonio, TX
  • AMC (Automatic Mixture Control) overhauled in 2015 by Aero Accessories, San Antonio, TX
  • Modern Hydraulic System (Main, secondary and electric hydraulic pumps overhauled by Aero accessories, San Antonio, TX),
  • Main pump and secondary pump changed in 2021 after overhaul
  • Ailerons hydraulic pump and assistance cylinder overhauled by Aero accessories and Aero Trader (Chino, CA) in 2010
  • Electric Standby Hydraulic Pump
  • Emergency Canopy Blow System
  • Emergency landing gear extend system


  • Aircraft located in France and operated under French Historic Certification

Additional Info


  • Tow bar
  • Spare Aeroproducts Propeller: Hub and three blades
  • Main and secondary Hydraulic pumps overhauled in spare
  • New Magneto overhauled in spare
  • AMC (Automatic Mixture Control) overhauled in spare
  • Engine accessories (Many New cowl flap actuators and electric actuators, Many Fuel pumps, etc) in spare
  • Many complete sets of Hydraulic seals (Teflon, Leather, Rubber) remanufactured by APG Houston, which represents many thousands of seals.
  • Hundreds of original Brake pads and parts
  • 4 Brake disks (2 news and 2 used)
  • Many Hydraulic cylinders (gear doors, wing fold, flaps, ailerons, etc) overhauled and/or military stock in spare
  • 1 Carburator in spare (not overhauled)
  • 1 Used (but usable) canopy in spare
  • New engine cylinders and pistons in crate
  • 2 Rims, 5 new tires and 2 tubes in spare
  • 6 New tail wheels
  • 5 Starters overhauled in spare
  • 2 Electrical generator in spare
  • Original mold for remanufacturing the engine mounts (very rare)
  • Complete original set of parts and tools for storing the aircraft including the original engine cover
  • Many complete set of new original exhaust pipes (very rare)
  • Lift cables (very rare)
  • Electrical components (switches, relays, etc) in spare
  • Instruments- flight and engine
  • All Douglas, Wright technical Manuals for aircraft, engine and propeller


  • All landing gear hoses are new January 2022
  • All landing gear valves, selectors and actuators overhauled in December 2021
  • Main and secondary Hydraulic pumps overhauled in December 2021
  • Firewall forward overhauled 2011
  • Wingfold area restored 2021
  • Carb, Mag, Hydraulic pump, Electric motors in spare
  • 12 Original supports and model rockets (T100 rockets)
  • 2 – 20 mm model Cannons
  • 2 – 500 Pound Bomb
  • 2- 300 Gallon center line drop tank
  • All technical files included restoration files available
  • All Douglas, Wright engine, aero product propeller tools included
  • The plane receives an IRAN (Inspection and Repair As Necessary visit every winter following Douglas Instructions) about 400 h of Inspections and maintenance each winter since 10 years and oil analysis each
  • 15 Hours of flight, 1200 hr of inspection in 2021
  • Inspection completed Winter 2021 – 2022
  • Certificate of Airworthiness valid until March 2023
  • Aircraft located in France and operated under French Historic Certification

Sales may be subject to local Sales Tax / V.A.T. / G.S.T.

Aircraft maybe subject to prior sale, lease, and/or removal from the market without prior notice.

Specifications subject to verification upon inspection.

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