s/n GM93 Reg: N87GR // Sold

s/n GM93 Reg: N87GR

Registered As: N87GR

Currently Sold


This Aircraft is in Standard Category with no Spar AD's

  • 13832.2 TTAF
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6A-25 (550 shp) equipped for inverted flight
  • 642.1 since IRAN by Covington Engines
  • Hartzell 3 bladed Propeller 
  • 22 Hrs. SPOH w/ new blades
  • Collins Radios with Stratus ESG ADS-B Transponder
  • 190 kts tas
  • 32 gph
  • 1,500 fpm climb
  • 500 nm legs are very conservative
  • 2900# Empty Weight
  • 4300# Gross Weight


  • 4/2021
  • 22 hours since assembly and inspection for Standard Airworthiness
  • To be able to be sure of times remaining on life limited parts the following were overhauled:
    • Flap Motor
    • Flap Actuators
    • Gear Motor
    • Landing Gear Gearbox
    • New Wing Bolts
    • Hartzell Propeller
    • Prop Governor
    • Overspeed Governor
    • Torque Gauge
    • ITT Gauge
  • New Airspeeds reflecting civilian limitations
  • Landing gear was disassembled and stripped for NDT testing, then primed/painted and reassembled using all new hardware
  • Lots of routine maintenance was accomplished but lots of details were taken care of during assembly in anticipation of paint and panel upgrades, to include:
    • New Canopies
    • New Flap Cables
    • New 406 ELT
    • New seat cushions installed
  • Engine was sent to Covington for an IRAN as part of the assemble process
  • All new hardware in empennage, wings, and flight controls
  • Wheel wells stripped and painted before reassembly
  • New Tires, Bearings, and Brakes at this time
  • New weight and balance done at this time