1x F9F-4 and 1x F9F-5 // $99,000

1x F9F-4 and 1x F9F-5

Two Grumman F9F Panthers Projects

1x Grumman F9F-4 Panther sitting on landing gear – no known corrosion. Suitable for restoration to fly

1x Grumman F9F-5 Panther suitable for restoration to fly

2x Engines:

Allison J-33A Turbojet; – stored in cans with test cell logbooks.

The current owner has acquired many spare and NOS Grumman Panther parts for use in the restoration of these two aircraft.

A rare opportunity to obtain rare historical and classic jets for a fraction of their restored value. Simple cable controlled and with basic systems, these aircraft will be basic restoration projects without the need for any costly rebuilding.

Just rebuild systems and reassemble. Currently no Panthers are flying or under restoration to fly. Exclusive opportunities and airshows certainly await.

Historic for their active and primary front line role in the Korean War, these jets were America’s first jets with punch. The F9F-5 “Panther” was the first first jet type to be used with the USN Blue Angels.

Notable pilots making their mark in history flew these fighter types. America’s first man in orbit, John Glenn, the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, Baseball great Ted Williams and others.

The sale price of the aircraft and the estimated restoration for each aircraft is favorable and not requiring significant labor costs.

Sales may be subject to local Sales Tax / V.A.T. / G.S.T.

Aircraft maybe subject to prior sale, lease, and/or removal from the market without prior notice.

Specifications subject to verification upon inspection.

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