Swiss Company Uncovers Extremely Rare WW2 Aeroplanes

Swiss company Boschung Global Ltd. has uncovered six rare Messerschmitt ME 109 fighter planes that were used during the Second World War, including the only surviving factory two- seater Messerschmitt ME 109. They were last flown in 1968 for the film the Battle of Britain and have since been in storage in Texas. Although the Messerschmitt ME 109 is the world’s most manufactured fighter plane, today there are only a handful still in existence worldwide.


Boschung Global sells and leases aircraft and specializes in Warbirds. “The deal with former movie stunt pilot Wilson ‘Connie’ Edwards was certainly no ordinary sale! It took several months and, in many respects, was an incredibly interesting project. The transaction was carried out seamlessly thanks to the assistance of Platinum Fighter Sales, the leading specialists in the trade of Warbirds in the US”, says Paul Boschung.


Boschung Global facilitates the sale of these fabulously rare models to interested collectors and Warbird pilots. Alongside aircraft, it also boasts an impressive range of replacement parts and engines.

Predictably, most of this spectacular Messerschmitt collection has already been sold. Two of the unique fighter planes, including the original factory two-seater, will be operated by 46 Aviation SA, which has its headquarters in Switzerland.


Boschung Global will restore all of these magnificent aircraft to original factory condition. The restorations are being carried out in collaboration with B63 Switzerland. Preparing the world’s last Messerschmitt's for take off presents a very special challenge for the energy drink team.


B63 supports various aviation projects in the Warbird scene and this time their reward will be seeing the world’s last ME 109's take to the air once again. The stunning Messerschmitt collection perfectly rounds off its vintage image.


After the film Battle of Britain was completed in 1969, Connie Edwards received the aircraft as payment for flying in the film. The unique fighter planes weren’t touched for over 45 years; even their engines were still filled with the same oil. This made it all the more astonishing that after a brief check and a change of oil, it only took a few propeller blades to rotate before the White 5’s engine sprang to life and began purring...



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Watch this amazing video of the one of the Messerschmitt's firing up for the first time in over 40 years.

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