Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida

Experienced Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida Can Help You Find the Aircraft You Need

At Platinum Fighter Sales, we are Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida who can help you buy or sell aircraft. We have sold more than $300 million in vintage aircraft to date and are looking forward to welcoming you on as our next client. Do you want to know how the procedure goes? To learn more, continue reading, and then call 800-210-1951.

The Process of Buying an Aircraft with Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida

To identify the greatest aircraft for our clients, we collaborate with renowned professional and amateur collectors from throughout the world. You can start by browsing our online inventory to learn what we currently have available. We have all the standards you’d expect to see from vintage aircraft brokers in Florida: fighters, bombers, transport, helicopters, jets, and more.

On the other hand, if you are already sure of the specific aircraft you want, contact us at 800-210-1951. If we can’t get it for you immediately, we will add it to our “wanted” section on our website and continue searching for it until we find it.

Learn How Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida Can Help You Sell Your Aircraft

We can also assist you if you want to sell an aircraft. We’ll start by targeting highly qualified buyers with the aircraft. We find you an offer that works for you using our many years of industry knowledge, our track record of success, and other factors.

Our all-inclusive, end-to-end services include advertising, pre-purchase inspection, contracts, final delivery, and preparations for closing in a tax-favorable location. We have used our decades of experience to perfect the sale and brokerage process to ensure a smooth process for you.

Why Choose Us as Your Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Florida?

To understand why we are the best business to deal with, all it takes is a brief glance into our company’s past. We are vintage aircraft brokers in Florida with 40 years of combined experience. Platinum Fighter Sales was founded in 2009 and has been offering exceptional services since then. Check out our customer reviews for further evidence.

We are vintage aircraft brokers in Florida, that specialize in the sale of excellent, historic, antique, and warbird aircraft for both pilots and collectors. We deal with discerning customers – we are not bulk dealers. We urge you to get in touch with Platinum Fighter Sales at 800-210-1951 right now if you are prepared to begin.