Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota

You Need Experienced Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota to Get the Job Done Right

Platinum Fighter Sales is the business you’ve been looking for if you’re seeking Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota to purchase or sell an amazing airplane. Our experience involves upwards of $300 million in aircraft sales. Are you curious to know how the process works? Keep reading to get the details and then reach out at 800-210-1951.

How Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota Can Help You Buy the Perfect Aircraft

To guarantee that our clients have access to the greatest selection, we are happy to collaborate with the top professional and hobby collectors in the world. Take a peek at our online inventory to get an idea of what we have on offer today. Fighters, bombers, transports, helicopters, jets, and more are all available vintage aircraft brokers in Minnesota.

Do you have a certain aircraft in mind? Call us at 800-210-1951. Then, we can post it to our online “wanted” area and start aggressively looking for it.

Are You Looking to Sell Your Aircraft? Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota Can Help with That Too

If you have an aircraft you’d like to sell, we can help with that too. Our extensive knowledge and network within the industry enable us to locate the ideal buyer for your aircraft.

When you hire us, our services are all-in and include advertising, any required pre-purchase inspections, contracts, final delivery, and everything involved in the pre-closing prep in a tax-favorable state. We have used everything we’ve learned in the decades we’ve been providing brokerage and sale services to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

Are You Wondering Why You Should Trust Us as Your Vintage Aircraft Brokers in Minnesota?

We believe that the best way to know how a company will treat you in the future is to look to their past. We have 40 years of combined expertise as vintage aircraft brokers in Minnesota. Platinum Fighter Sales was established in 2009 and has since provided excellent services. Check out our customer reviews for further evidence.

We are vintage aircraft brokers in Minnesota, that specialize in the sale of excellent, historic, antique, and warbird aircraft for both pilots and collectors. We do business with selective clients; we are not wholesalers. If you’re ready to start, contact Platinum Fighter Sales at 800-210-1951 for help.