Embark on a journey through time with the Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair, a warbird that has not only witnessed but actively participated in the pivotal Battle of Okinawa during World War II. Offered by Platinum Fighter Sales, this particular Corsair, BuNo 82640, is not just a piece of aviation history; it’s a living testament to the valor and skill of those who served.

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A Combat Veteran’s Tale:

This specific F4U-1D Corsair, with its rich combat history, served aboard the USS Intrepid as part of VF-10 Grim Reapers between January and April 1945. During its tenure, it played a vital role in the Battle of Okinawa, marking it as one of the few surviving WWII era combat veteran Corsairs. This aircraft’s story is intertwined with the saga of American bravery and determination in one of the most significant battles of the Pacific Theater.

Unique Historical Significance:

BuNo 82640 is not just a warbird; it’s a rare jewel among its kind. It stands as one of only two surviving Vought-built -1D variants. Interestingly, its counterpart, BuNo 50375, is part of the Smithsonian’s collection and shares a connection with VF-10, having been used to train the Grim Reapers pilots.

A Journey Through Time:

After WWII, the Corsair passed through various owners before finding its way to North Queensland Warbirds, who acquired it from Murray Griffiths of Precision Aerospace in 2010. Under the skilled hands of Chief Engineer Paul Knox, Mike Spaulding, and their dedicated team, this warbird was meticulously restored to airworthy and flying status. The first post-restoration flight took place on February 28, 2022, a momentous event where Test Pilot Stephen Death remarked, “I could not fault it.”

Acknowledging the Restoration Team:

This restoration was made possible thanks to the collective efforts of subcontractors, warbirds parts suppliers, engineers, and mechanics. Their dedication and expertise breathed new life into this historical aircraft, allowing it to soar the skies once again.

Why Owning This Corsair is Special:

Owning BuNo 82640 is an opportunity to become part of a narrative that extends from the heroic skies of WWII to modern-day aviation enthusiasm. It’s a chance to honor the legacy of the brave pilots and crew who depended on this Corsair’s reliability and power during critical moments of history.

The Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair offered by Platinum Fighter Sales is more than an aircraft; it’s a symbol of resilience, history, and unparalleled craftsmanship. We invite you to be part of this Corsair’s continuing story, a saga of courage, innovation, and restoration, as it transitions from a decorated war veteran to a prized possession in your collection.

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