The 6 Categories of Warbirds an Aviation Broker Can Help You Either Purchase or Sell

If you are looking to either purchase or sell a classic warbird, it is highly recommended to seek aid from well-trained professionals in the industry. It can be a tricky field to navigate as the checklist of tasks can run quite long.

Here at Platinum Fighter Sales, we specialize in six different categories of warbirds and provide the exact service you are searching for. Contact us by calling our phone at [phone] or you can easily reach out to us on our Contact Page.

Continue reading to learn about the six categories an expert aviation broker can assist you with.

Types of Warbirds We Specialize in

It is critical to utilize an aviation broker that has a vast knowledge of everything about warbirds. We have a combined experience level of more than 40 years and growing every day. Warbirds are our passion, and we love to help our clientele with all their needs.

The six categories of warbirds we have expertise in are:


These are your warbirds that could command dogfights in the air. Our inventory ranges from the 1940 Hawker Hurricane to the 1992 McDonnell Douglas. Whether it’s from the world wars or more modernized, fighters are sure to get the adrenaline pumping.


They are specifically designed to facilitate the training of flight pilots and aircrew. The models can range from all sorts of aircraft but what is guaranteed is that they sure do attract a lot of potential pilots.


Ready to go fast? Jets are the fastest in the warbird category and are made for thrill seekers. With high speeds, altitudes, and turns, jets not only go fast in the air but in the market as well.

Bombers & Transport

Are you needing or selling an aircraft with lots of cargo area? These planes rule the air in sheer size. We’ve seen it all, from WWII Bombers to decommissioned Air Force Cargo Planes.


Not looking for something with wings? Helicopters are considered warbirds as well as they are a crucial part of airborne tactics. We have extensive experience with helicopters.


Just as individuals invest in project cars, project warbirds are the same thing. Aircraft that are damaged, partially built, and even just the frame still all equally need love too.

Purchasing or Selling an Aircraft?

An aviation broker is right for you. We do all the hard work for you because we know the process can be difficult. Give us a call at [phone] to speak with one of our experts and discover how we can make your dreams come true.