The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, created by Douglas Aircraft Company in the early 1950s, represents a groundbreaking chapter in aviation history. With its first flight in 1954 and initial production rollout in 1956, this aircraft symbolizes the pinnacle of aerospace engineering during its era.

A-4 Skyhawk History

Created to improve the propeller-driven Douglas A-1 (AD) Skyraider, the A-4 Skyhawk features a single-seat configuration and a subsonic, carrier-based design tailored for light attack missions. Equipped with five hardpoints, it offers unparalleled versatility, accommodating an extensive array of missiles, bombs, and munitions. Its capabilities are further outlined by a remarkable top speed of 580 knots at sea level, an impressive range of 1,008 nautical miles, and a climb rate of 5,750 feet per minute.

The A-4 Skyhawk has created its legacy in military history, flying in active combat across diverse areas of operation. From its crucial role in Vietnam, where it provided invaluable close air support to ground forces and engaged enemy targets with precision, to its service in nations such as Argentina, Israel, and Kuwait, this aircraft has proven itself on the battlefield.

Beyond its uses in the battlefield, the A-4 Skyhawk has also made a memorable appearance in the 1986 aviation movie, “Top Gun,” further solidifying its iconic status in popular culture.

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Historic Aircraft Models For Sale

In this section, learn about the technical specifications of the A-4 Skyhawk models available for sale. From engine type to speed, avionics, and additional equipment, key features that define these iconic aircraft are highlighted. Gain insight into the remarkable capabilities of the A-4 Skyhawk fleet offered by Platinum Fighter Sales.

1992 McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk

The 1992 McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk features an airframe with 1,058 hours TTSN. Powered by a Wright J52-6B engine with 374 hours SMOH, it combines reliability with performance. Its avionics systems includes the state-of-the-art Garmin 375, Two G5 Displays, and ADS-B in and out capabilities, providing pilots with advanced navigation and communication tools. Additionally, this model has two spare engines available.

1961 Douglas A-4L Skyhawk

Our 1961 Douglas A-4L Skyhawk showcases the Skyhawk’s precision engineering, with an airframe that has been maintained for a total of 4,060 hours. This jet warbird features a Wright J-65-W-20 engine, with 669 SMOH and 111 SHSI, delivering exceptional power and performance. Aviation enthusiasts appreciate the equipment specifications, including an ESCAPAC 1 G3 Ejection Seat, Dual Battery and DC Starter/Generator System for Self-Start Capability, and Rockwell Collins Avionics. The last time this aircraft was flown was in March of 2023.

1960 Douglas A4C Skyhawk

The 1960 Douglas A4C Skyhawk features an airframe with 1,738.86 hours TTSN and a Wright J65-W-16A engine with 251 hours SMOH. Its avionics suite, including Collins Comm, Collins Nav, Garmin 200 MFD, and Dynon Avionics EFIS-D10A, ensures precise navigation and communication capabilities. Additionally, this model includes additional equipment such as a centerline baggage tank and two 150-gallon drop tanks, along with an air start and starter probe, enhancing the value you receive with this aircraft.

1962 Douglas A4D-2N Skyhawk

The 1962 Douglas A4D-2N Skyhawk features the best restoration craftsmanship, with an airframe estimated at 3,000 hours TTSN. Powered by a Wright J65-W-16A engine with zero hours SMOH by S&S Turbine in St. Johns, B.C. Canada, this model has unmatched reliability and performance. Its factory military radios and avionics ensure seamless communication and navigation capabilities. Moreover, after undergoing restoration by Fighting Classics of Marana, AZ, to factory new standards, every system is either replaced or overhauled to zero-time specifications. With an estimated completion time of 3-4 months, this model offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a restored piece of aviation history.

Restorations and Present Condition

Platinum Fighter Sales is committed to preserving aviation history through their restoration efforts. Each A-4 Skyhawk model underwent a comprehensive restoration process, ensuring that the aircraft are restored to their former glory. From the airframe to the avionics, every component is carefully inspected, repaired, or replaced to meet modern safety standards while preserving historical authenticity. Platinum Fighters ensures that each A-4 Skyhawk model is in peak condition, ready to take to the skies once again.

With Platinum Fighters, aviation enthusiasts can be sure that they are acquiring more than just a piece of aviation history—they are investing in a restored aircraft that honors the legacy of the A-4 Skyhawk while offering the thrill of flying in a historical military jet.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing information and more details can be found by visiting the individual A-4 Skyhawk listings, linked above. Learn more about the aircraft’s historical significance and restoration quality. You can also contact a Platinum Fighters team member by calling 800-210-1951 for further information.

The A-4 Skyhawk represents innovation, versatility, and service in aviation history. Platinum Fighters stands as a trusted source for vintage aircraft, committed to preserving the legacy of the A-4 Skyhawk and other iconic models.

We invite you to explore the opportunity of owning a piece of aviation history. Contact Platinum Fighters today to learn about owning an A-4 Skyhawk—an iconic jet warbird in aviation.

Platinum Fighter Sales

At Platinum Fighters, we share the passion with aviation enthusiasts for these legendary aircraft. If you seek to become an owner of history, to experience the thrill of piloting a timeless aircraft, and to own a piece that leaves a mark on all who witness its legacy, the A-4 Skyhawk awaits you. Contact Platinum Fighter Sales by calling 800-210-1951 to learn more about these remarkable Spitfire aircraft models or to schedule an in-person inspection.

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