Why You Should Trust All of Your Warbird Buying & Selling Needs with an Aviation Broker

Whether you are looking to purchase a warbird or are looking to sell your bird, you may soon come to terms with the difficulty of that venture. Many factors often go unlooked when undergoing that process.

We understand that selling your warbird is a special moment in time. You have inevitably developed a bond with her and want the absolute best. Well, if you ever heard the saying, “you may be too close to the sale,” it often applies to a moment like this.

And if you’re looking to purchase a warbird, you may not know every aspect to look for during the purchasing process. Identifying specs and the quality of the parts sometimes requires a trained eye.

Here at Platinum Fighter Sales, we have spent over 40 years in the field not only because we love it, but because we are good at it. Call us at 800-210-1951 today to speak with one of our professionals and continue reading to learn why an expert warbird broker should be utilized.

  2. This step is important. We arrange for your aircraft to be professionally photographed. A well-presented aircraft is more likely to gain traction. We also provide recent “sales comps” and asking price recommendations. Further, we develop a specification sheet and sales brochure, then discuss sales procedures.

  4. We will advertise on our website, in print, and on digital media whilst reaching out to prospective buyers. The aircraft is placed on multiple listing services, and shown to potential buyers, all while keeping you well-informed throughout the process.

  6. We qualify prospects, submit offers to you and provide input, prepare the offer letter response, prepare the purchase agreement, make recommendations to you, coordinate with the title company regarding the deposit, and consult with legal counsel as needed.

  8. We arrange the pre-purchase inspection, monitor the inspection process, review the inspection report and make recommendations, handle the resolution of inspection issues with the buyer, and coordinate aircraft acceptance documentation.

  10. We prepare a closing checklist and necessary documentation, assist with the International Registry, provide FAA title documents, coordinate the closing process with all parties, advise closing issues, and coordinate aircraft delivery and acceptance documentation.

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If you have been considering purchasing or selling a classic warbird, you should employ the services of an aircraft broker. Contact us by filling out a quick form on our Contact Page or call us at 800-210-1951. We will get you the result you desire!

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