s/n MM65156 Reg: I-ABOU // Sold

s/n MM65156 Reg: I-ABOU

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1935 Caproni CA 100

The World’s Oldest Seaplane

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The Caproncini are Italy’s only two pre-war airworthy aircraft, the oldest flying seaplane in the world (1935) and its land equivalent (1933). Flying and owning these aircraft is both a privilege and a responsibility which is now open to the successor of Gerolamo Gavazzi. Having found the seaplane abandoned and realising it was the first aircraft he had soloed in, he lovingly restored it to its former glory over many years. Flying these aircraft has been compared to that of playing a Stradivarius. However the Caproncini were designed as aircraft to prepare pilots to fly in the War, so while a courting period is required, once this reconnaissance has been successfully achieved, the Caproncini are not overly complicated to fly. Both aircraft provide a sensorial and thrilling flying experience second to none. As the Italians would say;  “Un’esperienza mozzafiato”, a breath-taking experience. The history is colossal, and the opportunity to acquire such special aircraft is a rare one indeed. The aircraft are for sale individually or as a pair.

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Photography By: Caliaro Luigino

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