s/n 40/2 Reg: G-AWHC // US$3,450,000 (UK VAT Paid)

s/n 40/2 Reg: G-AWHC
US$3,450,000 (UK VAT Paid)

1954 Hispano Aviacion HA-1112-C4K Buchon

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By 1942 the Bf-109Ds of the Spanish Air Force were aging, so Hispano Aviacion secured a license to build the later Bf-109G Model. Germany delivered 25 airframes to Spain without engines, as they were needed for German production aircraft. Hispano installed the Hispano-Suiza 12-89 engine into these airframes and designated them HA-1109-J1L with the first flight taking place in March 1945.

The aircraft were later refitted with the Z12-17 engine, two 12.7 mm Breda machine guns and had provision for two rocket racks. They were redesignated HA-1112-K1L and taken on charge in May 1951.

The later and best-known version of the Spanish-built “109”, the HA-1112-M1L Buchon made its first flight on 29 March 1954. It was equipped with the Rolls Royce Merlin 500-45 engine and four-blade Dowty Rotol Propeller (similar combination to the Spitfire IX & XVI). With the new engine installation, the cowls required reshaping and addition of an air intake under the nose. In total, 172 were built.

In addition to the single-seat HA-1112-M1L, Hispano built one-only HA-1112-M4L two-seat, full dual-control Buchon and converted a single-seat Fighter to a full dual-control Buchon – the later being destroyed, thus making this HA-1112-M4L (Registered as G-AWHC) the sole surviving Hispano Factory-built, two-seat, dual-control aircraft.

As the jet age developed during the 1950s, the Buchons soon became obsolete, however were still adequate for service in colonial territories such as the North African Spanish Sahara. The Buchons were retired late 1965 and stored.


Shortly after retirement from the Spanish Air Force, 27 Buchóns were gathered by Gp Capt Hamish Mahaddie (RAF retired) for use in the epic 1968 film The Battle Of Britain. Of the 27 Buchons, 26 were single-seat fighters plus the one and only HA-1112-M4L two-seat, dual-control version. The acquisition of the HA-1112-M4L (now registered as G-AWHC) allowed the film maker’s flight crew to “check-out” in the “109” prior to flying the single-seaters. In addition, much of the “109” “in cockpit” movie flight scenes were filmed by cameras mounted in the front of the HA-1112-M4L whilst being flown from the rear cockpit.

The production included input from WW2 Aces, General Adolf Galland (Luftwaffe retired) (Commander of all Day and Night Fighters) and Wg Cdr Robert Stanford-Tuck (RAF retired) who reportedly went flying together in G-AWHC in order to “compare notes.” After filming was complete, the HA-1112-M4L became part of “Connie” Edwards collection in Texas before being acquired by its current owner and relocated to the UK for restoration to airworthy condition by Air Leasing.

This ultra-rare and unique two-seat, dual-control “109” is said to have “enormous potential as a revenue earner providing passenger flights to history and movie buffs alike (subject to authority approval).

The “109” Buchon is based in the UK and available for inspection by appointment.

Galland Stanford Tuck Buchon

Galland Stanford Tuck Buchon

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Photography By: Air to Air Photos - John Dibbs & Gavin Conroy

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