Nicest Of All To Fly

Nicest Of All To Fly

World War II has just ended with the Allies achieving Victory! What’s next for the evolution of warbirds in the military? Introducing the first post-war warbird, the Chance Vought comes roaring out of production and impresses the masses. It has been described as the “nicest of all to fly” and was a big part of the Korean War.

The rarity associated with this legendary warbird makes the opportunity of owning it a truly once-in-a-lifetime event. If you are considering purchasing a warbird, look no further than the Vought as she is an amazing aircraft to own and fly.

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Continue reading to learn more about the history and current state of the Chance Vought F4U-5NL.

A Rarity in Today’s Modern World

Manufacturing began in 1946 for the Vought F4Us. 538 we created throughout the year and of which only 315 aircraft were built with the -5NL tag connected to it. Of those 315 F4U-5NLs built, only approximately 6 are airworthy still.

The chance of coming across another 5NL for sale is extremely slim as they don’t come on the market very often. In fact, it is considered highly improbable.

Their Involvement with the Korean War

The Vought F4U-5NLs were critical to special missions in the Korean War. They were used in a tactical fighter team known as “The Flying Nightmares.” Their primary objectives were to perform their missions throughout the cover of the night.

The nickname was coined by LtCol James R. Anderson of the USMC in 1951, The Flying Nightmares were known to fly their black-painted F4U-5N warbirds to blend in with the night. Their legend struck fear into the minds of the enemy as their talent became known.

They were very busy. The squadron cumulatively logged 2,086 flight hours in a reported 604 night-time combat sorties in the very first month. Being highly successful, they inflicted severe damage on the Chinese Force’s tactical and logistical units.

In the summer of 1952, the squadron made history by accomplishing the first night-time radar kill. Maj. William T. Stratton Jr. and MSgt Hans Hoglind managed to shoot down a North Korean YAK-15. The squadron is credited with 10 successful night-time dogfight kills.

The Last One

This 1950 Chance Vought that flew with the Flying Nightmares is widely considered to be the last one still airworthy. If you are wanting to buy a warbird, there couldn’t be a better option. Call the warbird and vintage aircraft brokers at 800-210-1951 to speak with one of our aviation experts. You can also visit our Contact Page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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