A Warbird Classic – The 1943 Submarine Spitfire IX (Available for Purchase)This World War II warbird has traveled all over the world. Being manufactured in 1943, the Spitfire was a common warbird in the war but only a handful still exist in the modern world. A piece of history can belong to you!

Platinum Fighter Sales prides itself on providing the best service imaginable in the Aircraft Broker world. We understand that these birds typically mean much more than just a transaction. It’s an emotional connection to the thrill of flying in a warbird that has so much history to it—knowing full well that soldiers in WWII were seated in the same seat as you.

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Continue reading to learn more about the history of the Spitfire.

Time in WWII

Built in 1943, she was flown for the Norwegian military. She got deployed in 1944 and was piloted by Cap. Bjorn Bjornstad. It is undocumented if Bjorn engaged in any dogfights during that time because two months after deployment, the Spitfire was reassigned to fighter pilot school where other pilots would train. Throughout the rest of the war, she was passed around maintenance and training units to help better their pilots.


She bounced around quite a bit after the war but eventually found herself getting completely restored in 2009. Every part was taken out to complete a 100-point restoration. She has now completed her 10-hour flight test and can be seen flying over Australia from time to time.

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