An Aircraft Broker with the Passion to Treat Your Aircraft with the Respect She Deserves

Aircraft elicit a passion in us that is hard to match. Controlling how you fly through the air is a feeling that is almost indescribable. We understand the connection you develop with your aircraft. If you’re considering selling your airplane by yourself because you fear a broker won’t treat her with respect, we’re here to tell you we get it. But it would be a mistake to sell her by yourself.

It is no small task and we will be there to treat the whole process with the expertise and respect you deserve. Trusting an aviation broker is imperative to the aircraft selling process.

An aviation broker has many things to offer: guidance, recommendations, and market knowledge. These attributes expedite the transaction all while assisting in the accomplishment of the individual’s aviation needs.

Continue reading to learn why an aircraft broker will assist you and how we’ll be able to help.

Experience Counts

Having a professional aircraft broker take care of everything for you guarantees that you will get the best deal possible. With it being our professional career, we have the expertise to promise that you’ll get the best deal possible. We have a bountiful amount of experience in:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Organizing pre-buy inspections
  • Analyzing maintenance logs
  • Determining accurate aircraft values
  • Specific knowledge about all types of aircraft
  • Can spot a problem from a mile away

What We’ll Oversee

Undertaking selling an aircraft by yourself is daunting as there are quite a few elements you need to consider. We’ll treat your aircraft with the respect she deserves by providing:

  • A thorough initial preparation
  • A masterful marketing campaign
  • Handling all evaluations and offers
  • Arrange and monitor the pre-purpose inspection
  • Manage all closing and delivery details

Trust the Experts with Your Aircraft

Here at Platinum Fighter Sales, we take what can be an extremely stressful process and turn it into a positive experience. Call us at [phone] to speak with a member of our expert aircraft broker professionals. You can also fill out a quick form on our Contact Page and we’ll respond as soon as possible.